Trump Could Start a Nuclear War

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You don’t want to hear this right now but, after the mob attack on the US Capitol, I need to tell you something you need to think about.

The biggest danger this nation faces in the two weeks before Joseph Biden becomes president is that a deranged Donald Trump could start a nuclear war.

Nuclear weapons are something I know about. For three years I was a member of NATO’s Nuclear Planning Group (NPG), a super-secret team charged with planning nuclear strikes to combat a possible Soviet attack on Europe. I learned all the details of America’s nuclear arsenal and I helped plan where and how it could be used in defense of NATO. My work also brought me in close contact with America’s global nuclear strategies.

As you may know, the final authority rests with the American president for any use of our nuclear weapons, anywhere in the world; that’s why a military aide with a briefcase holding the nuclear launch codes accompanies the president wherever he goes.

The weak point in our strategy, one that is still in place, is the decision-making process for a launch. Given that the warning time for an incoming nuclear strike could be only minutes, if you make the launch procedure too time-consuming, then the US could be a smoking ruin before any of our missiles could be launched. But if you make it too easy, then you risk having an uninformed or demented president push the launch buttons before anyone can stop him.

And that’s where we are today. President Trump has lost it. He is a crazed Lear, capable of the most irrational acts. The most irrational act possible would be to launch a nuclear attack, most likely on Iran. But it wouldn’t stop there. Every single nuclear war-fighting simulation I participated in showed that a limited or regional nuclear war could never be contained; it always escalated into a global catastrophe.

The nuclear launch codes need to be immediately taken out of Donald Trump’s hands. At this point only the most naive boot-licker could believe that Trump would not start a nuclear war, perhaps for the insane reason that it might save his presidency.

Separating Donald Trump from the launch codes would mean separating him from the presidency — either by impeachment or by the invocation of the Constitution’s article 25 which deals with the incapacity of a president. Either option normally would take a lot more time than the two weeks remaining in Trump’s presidency — but those two weeks could be very dangerous.

Are enough senior people in government sufficiently shocked by the Trump mob’s attack on the Capitol to fast track either an impeachment or an Article 25 proceeding?

We need to press them to do that. Trump must be removed from the presidency immediately.

You probably never thought we would be in this place, but here we are. Trump-inspired thugs actually took control of the Capitol. Anything could happen now. Brave leaders need to remove nuclear war from the list of the Godawful things Trump could still do.

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